Electronics and Software

Main directions of activity:


- development of electronic devices;


- software development;


- automation of technological processes.

We offer:

For special road vehicles

- hardware development


- embedded software development

For Windows

- software development

- control panels,
- operator panels,
- technological blocks,
- monitoring and statistics systems

- automation systems,
- SCADA, diagnostic systems,
- adjustment stands

For servers

- software development

For programmable logic controllers

- software development

On special equipment

- automation of technological processes

Intelligent systems for road vehicles:

- an intelligent system for unmanned road marking;

- intelligent laser system for repeating road markings;

- laser system for measuring the thickness of the marking.

At your service:


- development of circuitry,
- design and tracing of printed circuit boards,


- 3d modeling of printed circuit boards,
- packages of documents for production
(gerber files, assemblies, specifications, etc.),


- escort,
- testing,
- commissioning,


- and much more...

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Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Belarus, Brest, st. Katin Bor, 103 B, 224004

Our specialists:

– professionally use such specialized software products as Altium Designer, P-CAD, Dip trace, Specctra, CAM350, s-Plan, Sheemage, Proteus, MicroCap, CorelDraw, AutoCad, Inventor, IAR, QT, AutoIt, Visual studio, AVR studio , Atmel studio, STM32CubeMX, GIT, SVN, and others.

Programming languages

С, С++, С#, Lua, Python, Java, Java script, Html, Php, LD, FBD, ST, IL.


AVR, AVR32, PIC, STM32, STM8, Nvidia tegra 2/3, imx6/7/8, Schneider Electric, Delta Electronics, Овен

Operating systems

FreeRTOS, Windows CE, Windows, Linux, Android.


NET Framework, OpenCV, Windows API, GUI, RS232/422/485, CAN, WiFi, I2C, I2S, USB, GUI, SPI, UART, IrDA, Bluetooth, GSM, GPS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc.

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