Chemical and Technological

The main activity is development in the field of chemistry of paint and varnish materials and film-forming substances.

Our specialists have the highest theoretical training in the field of chemistry and chemical technology of lacquers, paints and film-forming substances, as well as extensive practical experience in the development, implementation and testing of paint and varnish materials for various purposes – road marking, construction, automotive and others.

The Chemical and Technological Department has its own chemical laboratory equipped with all the necessary equipment.

Laboratory equipment

Radleyslaboratory reactor for the synthesis of film-forming substances
Netzsch Laboratory Dissolver
Shimadzu LC-20 Prominence Liquid Chromatograph
Differential Scanning Calorimeter Mettler Toledo
Nicolet is10 Infrared Fourier Spectrometer
The portable spectrophotometer x-rite 962
PosiTest AT-A Digital Automatic Adhesive Meter
Taber 5135 Abrasion Meter

Completed types of R&D

Paints and plastics for road markings
Concrete paints and anti-carbonation paints
Paint for metal surfaces, including the ground-enamel on a rust
Synthesis of special acrylic copolymers by polymerization in solution, etc.

Executing works

Scientific support for pilot testing of new materials
Analysis of technical problems of the enterprise in order to improve the quality of products
Investigation of the properties of paints and varnishes and assessment of the compliance of the properties of materials with the declared parameters
Development of a technology for replacing imported raw material with local ones without losing the quality of the finished product
Synthesis of special acrylic copolymers by solution polymerization, etc.


Formulations of paints and varnishes for various purposes and film-forming substances
Technological regulations, enterprise standards and other technical documentation
Road marking paints and plastics
Concrete paints and anti-carbonation paints
Paints for metal surfaces, including primer-enamels for rust

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