“Move in the Future with Reliable Measurements!”

“Move in the Future with Reliable Measurements!”

LLC “STIM-Lab” offers a complex of works on equipping various industries with strain-gauge weighing systems.

Electronic weighing equipment in contrast to the mechanical one, thanks to the use of force sensors, has become less cumbersome, more accurate and much more functional. The basic and main component of the ultra-precise electronic weighing equipment is a strain gauge which is an electromechanical device that responds to a change in the magnitude of a physical impact (force) and converts it into an electrical signal. The electronic system with the use of strain gauges has made it possible to move to a qualitatively new level of work and fully automate control and measurement processes.



– control of feed, fertilizers, accounting of the weight of crop transported, weighing animals, silos, storage of grain crops.


– control and accounting of incoming raw materials and finished products during filling and packaging, weighing.



– control and accounting of containers for biofuel, fertilizers and etc.


Metal industry

– monitoring of transported raw materials and finished products, scrap metal collection points, weighing vehicles and equipment.



– warehouses, goods and logistics centers, wholesale depots, accounting of freight flows.



– terminals, ports of control of imported and exported cargo.



– control of the body weight of newborns, determining the exact weighing of blood taken from a donor, etc.



– control and accounting of containers for sand, crushed stone, cement and other building mixtures.



– tanks for ore, coal, etc.

One of such projects of our R&D company was the development of a system for measuring the weight of road marking materials (paint, thermoplastic, cold plastic) in containers and tanks used on special road vehicles. This system is important for accounting of materials, collection of statistics and thereby improves the quality of work performed. Having studied and analyzed the request, we have selected the optimal equipment for this project. The central components of the weighing system are strain gauges of weight, a strain gauge meter and a logic controller. The road vehicle operator interacts with the weighing system using a functionally convenient touch screen. Data transmission from the device is based on a standard serial interface using RS-485 protocol. The software and algorithms of the system operation are in-house development of LLC “STIM-Lab”. The use of strain gauges, built into the system, ensured weighing accuracy, despite the complexity of the production environment, thereby made weighing without interrupting the production process. After processing the data received from the gauges, setting up the measuring channels, writing and debugging the software, we get: – results in the required units of measurement; – high measurement accuracy thanks to our software and high-quality equipment from the world’s best manufacturers; – automation of the entire measurement process.

The electronic system with the use of strain gauges has made it possible to move to a qualitatively new level of work and fully automate the control and measurement processes.
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